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    No matter what type of heating and cooling systems,and appliances
    you're looking to install, you can rely on the professional service provided
    by Doctor Power Cooling and Heating Inc. Aiding customers
    since 1992, we have the necessary experience to install or service any equipment.
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Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc

Welcome to Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc.

We are a trusted name in Bronx and other areas around in New York for installation of HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and repairing of their old parts.

Our service area mainly covers Bronx, Upper Manhattan, Yonkers and other areas around and our technicians easily reach these areas in a nick of time. With an excellent technical expertise, our professional technicians can inspect and find out the problem in machine instantly.

Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. repairs, replaces and installs gas boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, cooling towers, refrigerators, ventilation systems and more. Our technicians have years of experience repairing HVACs of all the major brands and are used to with almost all the breakdowns and damages. You can rely on our experienced technicians whenever you need any repair in your HVAC units.

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Our Services

Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. is based in Long Island City, New York, and provides installation and services of air conditioners and gas boilers. We service a variety of small commercial businesses and residential customers. Our services are available for:

Air Conditioning

Everybody knows the importance of air conditioning in New York. From recharging the refrigerant to replacing the weakened components, our technicians will ensure your air conditioning will run smoothly for a long span of time.

New Installations

Any HVAC units that you need to replace in New York call us. From installing a whole new HVAC system to replacement of broken parts, we do our job genuinely.

Gas Boiler Installation

Our expert technicians have installed thousands of gas boilers in New York so far. There flawless expertise in the field has planted the flag of Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. fluttering high. They are face of our organization that we rely and trust on.

Service Pumps & Cooling Towers

With heavy workload by running round a year, service pumps are likely to encounter problems often. We repair and install service pumps and cooling towers that will last for a long time.

Schedule your free estimate for professional HVAC services today and enjoy your new system in Long Island City, New York, tonight!

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