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Any repair you need in your heating and cooling system, we can be ultimate solution to your Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) related problems in Mott Haven and areas around including Morrisania, Woodstock, MT Eden and other parts. Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. installs, repairs and maintains HVAC system and other heating and cooling appliances including freezer, drop-in box, heater and more.


Pump is essential for heating and cooling your home in summer and winter, respectively. The continuous use of pumps leads to decrease in efficiency which tends to rise in problems like humidity problems and making strange noise. So, whenever you experience any defect in your HVAC pump in southwest Bronx, Doctor Power Cooling and Heating is the name to call for.

Heating and cooling appliances:

We can repair heating and cooling systems of any model that you have installed in your home. So, whenever you need any maintenance or repair work in your home then call us without any delay as late action just worsen your system. You can also remember us for the maintenance of refrigerator or heater. Our expert technician will fix them perfectly getting peace of your mind back.

Cooling towers:

Cooling towers start malfunctioning after performing for long years. It ends up with break down, delamination or leakage. If you are in the grip of problem/s caused by cooling towers then you can call us. Our technicians will fix things properly. Work rate of cooling towers largely determines the efficiency of chiller and the HVAC system. Instead of paying huge electricity bill, it is better to repair the defect in cooling towers on time.


One of the major reasons people seek our help is to get rid of unusual noise that their boilers produce over the course of time. With years of experience, most of the boilers problem occurs in winter season when they are forced to work suddenly after a long gap. If you have problems in boilers like unusual noises, dripping and leakage, frozen condensate pipe in your home, call us immediately. We can reach any part of southwestern Bronx in no time.

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