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Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. has installed HVACs in numerous homes in Upper Manhattan, Harlem and other areas around. Our technicians are among the most recommended ones when it comes to repairing heating and cooling appliances and HVAC in this part of New York. So, call us if you are facing any kind of problem with your HVAC.

What sort of problem you are encountering with your HVAC? Is it an issue of getting insufficient air from the vents? Or, is your AC not turning on? Whatever the reason is, our technicians can easily access Upper Manhattan, Harlem and other parts around New York.

Problems in pumps are common as they are operated throughout the year. Winter icing is one of the major problems with heat pumps. It is not rare that reverse valve, controls or sensors in pumps encountering problems. And, this may result in heat pumps getting iced-up in winter season. Low refrigerant and blockage in outdoor units also affects the work rate of pumps.

Moreover, failing of cooling tower to operate well and using more energy results in unexpected increasing bills. So, delaying the repairing tasks leads to spending more money in paying bills and furthermore, spending a huge sum in fixing the worsened wreckage.

Breakdowns in gas boilers are mostly in winter season. When they are suddenly forced to run after a long gap, failure in operating is a common problem in boilers. If your boiler is not providing heat, leaking or dripping, making unusual sound, losing pressure, or turning off time and again, or any other issue, call us for repairing.

We also have facility of replacing old boilers with the new ones. Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. provides you with high-quality boiler from a top brands. We will also install it in your home.

Call Doctor Power Cooling and Heating, Inc. for installation of HVAC or repairing and replacement of old parts in Upper Manhattan, Harlem, East Harlem and other areas around.

Schedule your free estimate for professional HVAC services today and enjoy your new system in Long Island City, New York, tonight!

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